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Better Understand Technical Analysis and Some Indicators

Better Understand Technical Analysis and Some Indicators

We’re focusing on technical analysis in this article with a description of some of the important indicators.

We could say, all wealthy traders use technical analysis but not all technical analysis traders are wealthy although T.A. is the most precise way of trading the Forex market. It’s also useful note that fundamentals play their part in indicating whether a price will move up or down. It gives you the edge over other traders.

Technical Analysis is so powerful because of a few reasons

1) it represents numbers. All information and its impact on the market and traders is represented in a currency’s price.
2) It helps to predict trends and the foreign exchange market is very ‘trendy’.
3) Certain chart patterns are consistent, reliable and repeat themselves. T.A. helps us to see them.

Here’s one way of putting technical analsysis into perspective (wish I had a dollar each time I said ‘technical analysis’). We all know that prices move in trends. Research has shown that those that trade ‘with the trend’ greatly improve their chances of making a profitable trade.

Trends help you become aware of the overall market direction and often rescue us from less then profitable entry points. I attended a 2 day course costing me over 00 AUD and the biggest thing I learned from it was the need for discipline and emotional control. The content was so basic that within the next 3 or 4 articles, I would have covered all of it. So learning the ‘tools of the trade’ the technical indicators and their applications will help you to diagnose what the market is doing but even then you need to expect ups and down and trade with emotional control.

Stay with the trend, follow the price.

Find the price of the currency pair. If EUR/USD is 1.4224 and moves to 1.4180 then 1.4090 then the market is in a down trend. Concern yourself only with what the market IS doing not what it might do. Listen to the markets and the indicators will backup what they are telling you.

Moving Averages.
Tell you the price at a given point of time over a defined period of intervals. They are called moving because they give you the latest price while calculating the average based on the selected time measure.

They lag the market so to give you an indication of a change in trend, use a shorter average such as a 5 or 10 day moving average. By combining a shorter term and longer term M.A. you can detect a buy signal when the shorter term crosses the longer term moving average in the upward direction. Or a sell signal if it crosses in a downward direction. For example, you could use a 5 day versus a 20 day moving average or a 40 day versus a 200 day moving average.
There are simple moving averages, linearly weighted which gives more importance to the recent prices or exponentially weighted. The latter is a favourite because it considers all prices in a time period but emphasizes the importance of the most recent price changes.

Based on moving averages, a MACD plots the difference between a 26 exponential moving average and a 12 day exponential moving average, with a 9 day used as a trigger line. If a MACD turns positive when the market is still plummeting it could be a strong buy signal. The converse also works.

Bollinger Bands (sounds like an elastic band)
Prices tend to stay between the upper and lower bands. They widen and become more narrow depending on the volatility of the market at the time. A sell signal would be when the moving average is above the Bollinger bands and vice versa for a buy signal. Some traders use it in conjunction with RSI, MACD, CCI and Rate of Change.

Fibonacci Retracement
Describe cycles found throughout nature and when applied to technical analysis can find shifts in the market trends. After a climb prices often retrace a large portion sometimes all of the original move. Support and resitance levels often occur near the Fibonacci retracement levels.

Relative Strength Index measures the market activity to see whether it’s overbought or oversold. This is a leading indicator so helps to indicate what the market is going to do (awesome!). Ahigher RSI number indicates overbought (so expect a bearish shift) and a lower number indicates oversold.

Successful traders will generally use 3 or 4 signals to provide a more conculsive signal before entering a trade.

Always remember, “If in doubt, stay out!” . Technical analysis doesn’t factor in political news, a country’s economic profile or fundamental supply and demand.

Technical Analysis helps us figure out how much money to risk on a trade. How and when to enter the market and how to exit the trade for profit or to minimize loss.

I sincerely hope you found this article useful.

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Technical Analysis – Reading FOREX Charts

Technical Analysis – Reading FOREX Charts

Price charts can be simple line graphs, bar graphs or even candlestick graphs. These are graphs that show prices during specified time frames. These time frames can be anywhere from minutes to years or any time interval in between.
Line charts are the easiest to read, they will show you the broad overview of price movement. They only show the closing price for the specified interval, they make it very easy to pick out patterns and trends but do not provide the fine detail of a bar or candlestick chart.

With a bar chart the length of a line displays the price spread during that time interval. The larger the bar is the greater the price difference between the high and low price during the interval. It is easy to tell at a glance if the price rose or fell because the left tab shows the opening price and the right tab the closing price. Then the bar will give you the price variation. When printed bar charts can be difficult to read but most software charts have a zoom function so you can easily read even closely spaced bars.

Originally developed in Japan for analyzing candlestick contracts candlestick charts are very useful for analyzing FOREX prices. Candlestick charts are very similar to bar charts they both show the high, the low, open and close price for the indicated time. However the color coding makes it much easier to read a candlestick chart, normally a green candlestick indicates a rising price and a red one indicates a falling price.

The actual candlestick shape in reference to the candlesticks around it will tell you a lot about the price movement and will greatly aid your analysis. Depending on the price spread various patterns will be formed by the candlesticks. Many of the shapes have some rather exotic names, but once you learn the patterns they are easy to pick out and analyze.

Price charts are not usually used by themselves to get the full affect you need to supplement them with some technical indicators. Technical indicators are normally grouped into some pretty broad categories. Some of the more common ones used to monitor and track the market movement are: trend indicators, strength indicators, volatility indicators, and cycle indicators.

Here is a list of some of the more commonly used indicators as well as a brief description.

Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) – This index will help indicate if the market is moving in a trend in either direction and how strong the trend is. If a trend has readings in excess of 25 then this is considered a stronger trend.

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) – This shows the relationship between the moving averages which allows you to determine the momentum of the market. Any time that the signal line is crossed by the MACD it is considered to be a strong market.

Stochastic Oscillator – This compares the closing price to the price range over a specific time frame to determine the strength or weakness of the market. If a currency has a stochastic of greater than 80 it is considered overbought. However if the stochastic is under 20 then the currency is considered undersold.

Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) – This is a scale from 1 to 100 to compare the high and low prices over time. If the RSI rises above 70 it is considered overbought where as anything below 30 is considered oversold.

Moving Average – This is created by comparing the average price for a time period to the average price of other time periods.

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Understanding Forex – #2 – Technical Analysis

Understanding Forex – #2 – Technical Analysis

This is a series of articles about The Foreign Exchange Market. You will learn here what Forex is , how it works and how profitable it can be. The whole series contain the following articles . . .

1. What is Forex

2. Technical analysis

3. Fundamental analysis

4. Money management

5. Compound interest

Technical Analysis.

Unless you are new to trading you probably know already that technical analysis is a method of forecasting future price movement of commodities, securities, etc (in this case currencies) based on chart analysis, pattern formations, technical indicators, etc. Forex can be traded technically and in my opinion it is quiet predictable.

No trading strategy will work 100% of the time. That’s why you need proper money management techniques. Anyway, technical analysis is important to determine where the price of the currencies is going, also when to enter and exit positions.

There are different technical analysis techniques that you can implement to your trading strategies. I show here how to use technical indicators which is a very common technique among most technical traders.

There are many technical indicators. Some of them are more common and useful than others. In my opinion you won’t need dozens of them to know when to enter or exit a trade. It is about quality, not quantity. I think though that it is better to relay on a few indicators than in only one.

If you trade based on the signals of only one indicator, you may miss some important information about the market that other technical indicators would reveal to you. By using a few technical indicators instead of only one, you can make more educated and accurate choices.

So, I will show you here some very common technical indicators and how they are used to forecast market prices. Remember that technical indicators are the basis of technical analysis systems.

You can implement three different aspects to your trading systems. One is technical analysis as I explain here. The other is fundamental analysis. The third one is money management as I explain in my other articles on this series.

Common technical indicators and their definitions:

1. Average Directional Index – ADX

An indicator used in technical analysis to determine the strength of a prevailing trend.

2. Exponential Moving Average – EMA

A type of moving average that is similar to a simple moving average, except that more weight is given to the latest data.

3. Moving Average Convergence Divergence – MACD

A trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of prices.

4. Bollinger Band

A band plotted two standard deviations away from a simple moving average.

5. Fibonacci – There are many Fibonacci indicators like the following . . .

a. Fibonacci Time Zones

b. Fibonacci Fan

c. Fibonacci Channel

d. Fibonacci Arc

c. Fibonacci Clusters

d. Fibonacci Numbers/Lines

e. Fibonacci Retracement

f. Fibonacci Extensions

6. Relative Strength Index – RSI

A technical momentum indicator that compares the magnitude of recent gains to recent losses in an attempt to determine overbought and oversold conditions of an asset.

7. Stochastic Oscillator

A technical momentum indicator that compares a security’s closing price to its price range over a given time period.

8. Williams %R

In technical analysis, this is a momentum indicator measuring overbought and oversold levels, similar to a stochastic oscillator.

You can learn more about these technical indicators and how they are used if you visit www.investopedia.com. Most technical analysis systems combine at least a few technical indicators to forecast the market. I think that proper technical analysis skills are an important aspect of most successful trading systems.

You can learn more about Forex and trading systems from my other articles on this series. I covered here important aspects of technical analysis, but most successful trading systems need some fundamental analysis and/or money management too.

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Understanding Forex – #3 – Fundamental Analysis.

Understanding Forex – #3 – Fundamental Analysis.

This is a series of articles about The Foreign Exchange Market. You will learn here what Forex is , how it works and how profitable it can be. The whole series contain the following articles . . .

1. What is Forex

2. Technical analysis

3. Fundamental analysis

4. Money management

5. Compound interest

Fundamental analysis.

Forex fundamental analysis strategies consist on studying economic factors of a country to forecast the future value of its currency. This includes, but it is not limited to: economic condition, monetary policy, etc.

Fundamental analysis focuses on studying economic, social and political factors that drive supply and demand. Some important indicators are interest rates, inflation and unemployment. Political decisions are also important.

Bellow you can find some of the most important fundamental analysis indicators and their definition. You can learn more about these indicators and how they are used on www.investopedia.com.

Producer Price Index – PPI

A family of indexes that measures the average change in selling prices received by domestic producers of goods and services over time. PPI measures price change from the perspective of the seller.

Consumer Price Index – CPI

A measure of price changes in consumer goods and services such as gasoline, food and automobiles. Sometimes referred to as “headline inflation”.

Gross Domestic Product – GDP

The monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period, though GDP is usually calculated on an annual basis. It includes all of private and public consumption, government outlays, investments and exports less imports that occur within a defined territory.

It is important that you pay attention to financial news when you trade using a fundamental analysis trading system. You can find financial news on the following websites . . .

1. www.bloomberg.com
2. www.businessweek.com

3. money.cnn.com

4. www.economist.com

5. news.ft.com/markets/currencies

6. www.fxstreet.com

Fundamental analysis is very important as you can see, but it is also important to implement some other techniques on your trading strategies. You can learn about other aspects about Forex trading like technical analysis and money management in my other articles on this series.

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Live FOREX trading session with analysis, tips and tricks 2012-06-04 18:00GMT

Live FOREX trading session with analysis, tips and tricks 2012-06-04 18:00GMT * If you are a trader from the USA, you can not hedge on same instrument (NFA rules). First session of the week…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Struggling with Forex Trading? Listen to This Interview! For this week’s video, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our Coach’s Corner members, Brian K…

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Analysis These Tips If We Are An Aspiring Forex Trader!

Analysis These Tips If We Are An Aspiring Forex Trader!

FOREX may often appear like a difficult subject; really remember the more we understand, the less difficult it’s. Be sure we educate oneself because much as possible, this really is key to being effective. So, read this particular article to succeed:

Consider creating forex trades about Tuesdays, Wednesdays, plus Thursdays just. Mondays are rather unstable due to the return of traders within the weekend whenever the markets are shut. Friday is equally unstable because individuals try to tie up lose ends before the markets close again. The 3 days inside the center are the many stable plus styles is the clearest then.

Should you will start trading Forex inside the hopes of creating income, you ought to understand oneself. You must recognize the risk tolerance plus a individual demands. We should analyze what the individual financial objectives are about trading Forex. To know the marketplace we muse understand oneself.

We must select currency pairs to trade inside the Forex marketplace based about whether their time zones overlap. This offers we the greatest period of time to keep track of the trades whilst being capable to open brand-new trades or close older ones. London and NY markets are an good pair to trade about.

To succeed inside the foreign exchange marketplace, a required trait to have is perseverance. You need to wait for the proper trade to create despite the reality it may expense we time. It is greater to wait plus create small funds than to act impulsive plus lose many income about a certain trade.

Don’t intentionally or inadvertently change time horizons. The analysis which we work is completely different should you change the time horizon. A currency couldn’t just be trending upward mainly, and be heading downward inside secondary or minor styles. Changing time horizons can be a costly mistake, even for the seasoned trader.

Whenever hunting at charts, you really need to constantly wait till a trend is completely created before we enter a trade. A chart will look especially promising nevertheless when a signaling bar or perhaps a candle is not completely shut, you should not make sure which the trade you’re considering can come out to be a wise position.

Be sure which your broker has the trading pairs you are interested inside functioning about. You furthermore like to make sure they have a broad range thus which we don’t need to leave the broker whenever you need to branch out into using a hot currency pair.

Lead with the head and not with a heart. Emotion is the quiet killer inside a trading. We win plus we lose, which is the existence of Forex. By keeping the head directly about a shoulders you’ll boost the wins plus reduce the losses. Keep a notice inside the game plus provide a heart your day off.

Although FOREX is a difficult topic for several, it need not be. After reading the above mentioned post we understand over before already! Apply the info which is useful for your necessities. Remember to continue educating oneself inside the foreign currency marketplace. Invest the time for achievement!

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FOREX Fundamental Analysis

FOREX Fundamental Analysis

Many FOREX traders depend about analysis to create program their trading approach. This post might discuss fundamental analysis. The additional prevalent shape of analysis is technical analysis. After reading this short article you really need to have a greater learning of fundamental analysis and just how to utilize it because piece of the FOREX approach.

Political plus financial changes are the basis of fundamental analysis. These may frequently affect currency costs. Traders which take benefit of fundamental analysis usually gather their info from a range of information sources. These are generally searching for information on unemployment predictions, political ideologies, financial policies, inflation plus development rates.

Fundamental analysis may offer an review of currency movements along with a wide pic of the financial conditions. Most traders then may combine their fundamental analysis with technical analysis to plot actual entrance plus leave points in addition to confirming the info offered by their fundamental analysis.

Just like most markets the FOREX marketplace is controlled by supply plus need. Many financial factors could affect the supply plus need however, the 2 many important ones are interest rates as well as the strength of the economy. The over all strength of the economy is affected by changes inside the GDP, trade balances as well as the amount of foreign investment.

There are numerous financial indicators introduced by government plus educational sources. These indicators are introduced about a monthly basis nevertheless may often be introduced weekly. These are very reliable measures of financial wellness plus are carefully followed by all traders.

There are numerous indicators which are introduced however, a few of the most crucial plus commonly followed are : interest rates, global trade, CPI, durable goods orders, PPI, PMI plus retail orders.

Interest Rates – could result a currency to either improve or weaken depending found on the way of movement. In several situations significant interest rates usually attract foreign funds, nevertheless significant interest rates can frequently result stock marketplace investors to market of their portfolios. They do this believing which the high expense of borrowing cash usually adversely affect several businesses. If enough investors market of their holdings inside could result a downturn inside the marketplace plus negatively affect the economy.

Which of these 2 affects takes destination depends about various complex factors, nevertheless there is normally an agreement amidst financial observers because to how the active change inside interest rates might affect the general economy as well as the cost of the currency.

International Trade – If there is a trade deficit (more products imported than exported) it really is normally considered a damaging signal. Whenever there is a trade deficit it signifies which additional money is exiting the nation to purchase foreign goods than is entering the nation plus this will have a devaluing impact on the currency. Usually though trade imbalances are absolutely factored into the marketplace consideration. If a nation usually operates with a trade deficit then there ought not to be an affect found on the currency cost. The currency cost may usually just be effected by trade variations whenever the deficit is better than the marketplace expected.

The measuring of the expense of living (CPI) as well as the expense of producing goods (PPI) are a couple of additional significant indicators. We could moreover observe the GDP that measures the worth of all of the goods produced inside a nation as well as the M2 Money Provide that measures the total amount of currency for a nation.

In the US alone there are 28 main indicators, these may have a sturdy impact on the financial marketplace plus ought to be carefully watched. This info is found several places online plus is offered by countless brokers.

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Forex Technical Analysis: The Art of Predicting the Future by Studying the Past

Forex Technical Analysis: The Art of Predicting the Future by Studying the Past

Technical Analysis is the simplest plus many precise means of trading the FOREX marketplace recognized by the forex traders community. All accessible info about any specific currency, as well as its impact about traders, as well as the marketplace, are absolutely reflected inside a currency’s cost. The foreign exchange marketplace is largely composed of styles plus is, consequently, a area where technical analysis is employed surprisingly effectively. Experience inside trading has shown which history repeats itself – over time, certain chart patterns become consistent, predictable plus pretty reliable. The condition has been capable of spoting them. There’s usually over meets the eye at initial glance.

Prices move inside trends; as well as the traders whom don’t recognize this truth clearly do not have have to apply the trading methodology about technical analysis, they haven’t even realized yet. But, over 100 years of analysis has shown which those whom trade “with all the trend”, more usually than not, greatly boost their possibilities of winning inside the forex markets (i.e., generating a successful trade).

Many instances acquiring the prevailing trend usually enable we become aware of the total marketplace way plus provide we better visibility–especially whenever shorter-term movements tend to clutter the pic. And various occasions after the trend may bail we from an initially lower than desirable entry point.

The main query you are asking oneself at this point is; how does technical analysis aid we to determine what the trend of the marketplace is and just how does it aid the efforts to trade with all the trend plus not from the trend?

It is important to mention which nobody is declaring technical analysis because the “magic bullet” of trading . And in the event you ask, that indicators are better inside Forex trading? The answer is none – technical indicators could merely be components of the total customized / personal trading program plus not systems inside plus of themselves. These are typically like tools inside a tool kit, not the kit itself!)/

As a Forex Technical Trader, the objectives are:

#1) To figure out the cost action of the currency pair. Price is the principal concern. If the EUR/USD is at 1.3226 plus goes to 1.3219, 1.3112, 1.3008 – the marketplace is within a down trend. Despite what each technical signal may predict, when the trend is down, remain with all the trend. Indicators showing where cost usually go upcoming or exactly what it ought to be doing are useless. A trader need just be worried with what the marketplace is doing, not what the marketplace would do. The cost informs we what the marketplace is doing.

#2) To constantly remember which technical indicators are just providing we confirmations based about what the marketplace is telling we. So hear plus pay close attention to the marketplace plus allow it dictate that system you’ll employ plus that tool you’ll pull from your bag of techniques plus techniques. For only by hearing to the markets might we ever be capable to overcome it effectively plus become a successful trader.

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Let’s Analysis A Few Factors Before Entering The Forex Market (2)

Let’s Analysis A Few Factors Before Entering The Forex Market

If you are searching to create funds inside the Forex company, yet never truly know how to receive the ball rolling, then we have landed found on the proper webpage. This article is brimming with fantastic secrets which are made to aid we receive a greater learning of how to create cash by Forex.

Regardless of the amount of expertise inside forex currency trading, you are able to benefit from free online forex currency trading guides. Beginners could learn the fundamentals plus specialists could understand new techniques. The time invested inside these training guides is well-spent because the income heighten by applying a unique forex currency trading knowledge.

In forex, in the event you are not certain how to do anything, never do anything! There is real revenue found on the line plus in the event you never know why you’re creating a move you are creating, you need to not be doing it considering there is a wonderful chance which you’ll lose the income.

Successful traders in the Foreign Exchange Market are just effective inside piece as a result of 3 significant factors: Timing, cost forecasting, plus cash administration. They’re capable to spot the styles inside the marketplace. They’re capable to receive inside when the getting is wise. And they’re capable to manage their income perfectly.

Start the forex job with tiny amounts cash plus low leverage. This usually allow you to receive a feet wet without losing home. As we begin to create a profit, reinvest a part of it into the trading account. Try not to add more of the own revenue inside previous the initial beginning investments.

Make objectives for FOREX trading at end of day, end of week, end of month, plus then end of year. Analyze every objective because it comes. Tweak a tips plus rules thus which the upcoming objective becomes attainable. It’s ok should you miss a goal; only adjust because shortly as possible thus we don’t miss the upcoming 1.

Understand the variations inside day-trading plus long-term trading. With day-trading, what you’re doing is initiating plus following from about a trade inside 1 company day. Other kinds of trading takes days, weeks or months to complete, plus they furthermore need more of a investment from traders to adhere to by with.

When using forex one must stay level headed. It is crucial to not to trade or invest about a whim. Doing that can signify which 1 is exiting everything as much as chance. There is not a real idea when which investment can make the positive return except 1 has carefully researched plus studied it.

A remarkable tip for Forex traders is to discover whenever to cut the losses short. Frequently instances, incredibly with novice traders, they may continue to ride a bad investment inside hopes of turning items about though they frequently receive even worse. Cut the losses brief to reduce losses plus invest someplace else.

If cash is getting tight plus you may be struggling to create cash about Forex, these strategies were fashioned with we in your mind. Hopefully, we have taken anything from these strategies plus today recognize how Forex functions. Apply these secrets and you may be about the method to creating funds from Forex trading.

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Analysis These Tips If We Are An Aspiring Forex Trader! (2)

Analysis These Tips If We Are An Aspiring Forex Trader!

Starting a job inside foreign exchange currency trading, popularly termed as forex, is a daunting task. Understanding the currency pairs, the greatest tips for trade, plus setting up a trading program will all be very difficult. I’ve put together a few of the right tricks to aid we trade effectively.

People that are simply beginning to trade found on the foreign exchange marketplace could focus found on the big markets before venturing into small ones. Bigger markets are more stable plus it happens to be simple to liquidate their currency whilst small markets are more dangerous plus liquidating the cash is not almost because convenient.

When considering taking up forex currency trading, you ought to determine what your financial plus investment objectives are. What are we seeking to achieve inside creating the dedication for this specific form of investment? Are you presently seeking to grow money just, or to conserve for retirement? Forex trading ought to be considered because a approach just once you have initially defined a financial objectives.

To provide oneself the greatest shot at a profit inside the forex marketplace, pay attention to the styles. Currency values do fluctuate; however, over the extended expression, they commonly show steady movement inside 1 way. Over the extended expression, after the styles will provide we the number one odds inside forex currency trading.

Understand position sizing. Wider stop losses about trades never automatically indicate which endangering more capital for the cause of maximizing income is a wise decision. Conversely, small stop losses about trades do we not signify which less ought to be risked. Change up position sizing to reach fair stop reduction ranges rather.

Something all Forex traders could recognize is the fact that achievement on the market is totally based about probability, plus about the ability to analyze risk adequately. You wish To implement techniques which can keep the losses to a minimal, whilst generating a gains substantial, thus which inside the finish you’ll usually end up ahead.

When it comes to forex, make sure we understand a objectives to start with. Then take those objectives plus create a trading fashion which is consistent with those objectives. Additionally always understand a character plus whether we have the belly to take those big dangers or in the event you must follow the small trades plus gradually function the technique up. Everybody’s style is different plus you ought to discover a trade fashion inside purchase to really succeed.

With the Forex marketplace being gigantic, the rumor mill surrounding it happens to be furthermore massive. Consistently make certain you’re avoiding the hearsay plus rumors surrounding certain currency pairs. Simply consider what arises to investors each decade or thus whenever markets collapse. Avoid this fate by following what exactly is real plus ignoring the rumors.

There is a great deal of guidance available regarding succeeding inside the forex marketplace. Some of the information is advantageous plus a few of it happens to be bad. Be sure to discover for oneself the ins plus outs of forex currency trading to be prepared to find what secrets you really need to take plus what you need to leave behind.

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