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DXCafés: The New E-conomy Is Coming

DXCafés: The New E-conomy Is Coming

It seems they’ve been busy on the isle of Vanuatu …

That’s where a company called Global Digital Transfers Inc (‘GDT’) placed their headquarters for DXinOne, the e-currency exchange system that is the main topic on Longer Life’s Opportunity page.

Since I last looked at the DXiO website, I’ve seen a number of new developments there, featuring services from travel to advertising with earnings and payments tendered by their unique coin of the cyber-realm, the digot. It’s becoming quite obvious that they’re not only easing a new e-currency into cyberspace, but an entire DXEconomy to support it. That’s a very clever strategy.

Now, GDT is taking measures to ensure their presence in the physical world, too. They are introducing a bricks-&-mortar element to their e-currency exchange business, deploying franchises for what they term ‘LDXMerchants’ (The ‘L’ stands for ‘Licensed’) to be visible via storefront at a location near you. Their function would be to service high-volume transactions in a 21st-century banking sort of manner that is yet to be fully announced.

Furthermore, they intend to incorporate other DX services into those facilities, with the obvious intention of attracting more attention to their veritable range of operations. They’re going to call these centers DXCafés. Fittingly, the flagship of this franchise will be located in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Such a choice not only displays respect for their host nation, it’s also a relatively isolated — and thus easily controlled — site that will allow them to amend any aspect of its activities without drawing mainstream attention. This should increase their chances of presenting a more polished product to the world at large.

GDT has announced that their intentions will be uncompromising in their selection of global locations. They state that “We are currently working on several items that will help us present these establishments around the world, as taking short cuts will not be an option for us. The first task is to set a criterion, upon which the location of our DXCafés will be based. It is ideal that we use high traffic locations; airports, transportation terminals, accommodation, shopping centers or malls are all prime locations for us.”

It’s clear they’re still somewhere in the planning stages when they state the basis of their deliberations when defining the characteristics of the DXCafés in these terms:

“Size of the DXCafés is also important; our designers have been working on several different concepts based on floor size. Whether as a full build or a new fit-out, a set criteria needs to be established. There is also nothing limiting us from having several DXCafés in the one city, each DXCafé may have a set coverage in regards to population, cliental and security.”

However, most of these decisions must have been made already. GDT has announced that they intend to establish their first DXCafés outside Vanuatu during the months of April and May 2006 and have claimed they are currently on target to achieve this goal. To accommodate such a timetable, they say they have designed and commenced manufacture on the fit-out for the physical plants and prepared state-of-the-art computer components and technology for installation into each DXCafé.

High volumes of value are expected to be exchanged, so GDT will be requiring license agreements for each LDX/DXCafé proprietor. They will be private agreements designed for congruence with various countries’ financial regulatory requirements. The license agreements are intended to ensure that all DX operations will be in accord with the needs and requirements of DXInOne and its users. The purchase price for an LDX/DXCafé license is yet to be finalized and will only be available upon request. I would anticipate this amount to be between 0,000 and ,000,000 so as to ensure that only the most responsible and capable proprietors would be enlisted.

These are ambitious plans. I firmly believe there’s a market for their services, so I continue to contend that DXinOne is worth our attention.

Very soon, it could be worth more than that. Much more.

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Weekly Gold and Silver Report for Aug 17, 2012; What If Bond Prices Collapse!

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Economic and Technical View of the Currency Market

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Don’t let the sea monkeys talk you out of your gold and silver

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Live Forex Training : US Currency Trading Session 3-27-2012

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Fibonacci Tutorial and Gold Technical Analysis using Fibonacci

Gold Technical Analysis Video

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