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Precious Metals Heat Up; Silver Set to Join Gold

Precious Metals Heat Up; Silver Set to Join Gold

For the last two years, I have been purchasing and recommending precious metals against an inevitable currency crisis. Since my last report, gold has added another per ounce and is now topping 0.

The gold rally is just getting warmed up, and I firmly believe it will continue at least through 2007. I predict that we will see its value rise to between ,000 and ,000 per ounce.

Forex Super King subscribers have experienced substantial profit trading the forex, with an average of 1,000 pips (price interest points) per month, and a 100 percent return on stocks purchased. As usual, we have recommended that they place part of their profit into gold.

Here is an update on gold: The Federal Reserve announced that it will no longer publish M3 data showing the amount of paper currency issued in the U.S. In 1980, for every ounce of gold in America, the financial system carried ,966. That’s .8 trillion total. At the end of 2005, the total real money supply shot up to over trillion. That’s ,000 in circulation for every single ounce of gold. So the question becomes: How much is really worth?

China, Japan and most of Southeast Asia are all shifting from the dollar. To the Chinese, a weak dollar is neither solid nor reliable. Yu Yongding, who sits on the Chinese Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee, told the China Securities Journal he was worried America would drop interest rates in 2006, putting pressure on the dollar and the yuan. China just recently cashed in about 2.4 percent of its dollar reserves to buy gold. China Galaxy Securities quietly hinted China’s Central Bank should quadruple its gold reserves in the very near future.

Here is the update on silver: Over the long term, gold has sold for about 30 times the price of silver. In 1991, you needed 98 ounces of silver to buy a single ounce of gold, which currently sells for 62 times the price of silver.

If gold continues its meteoric rise in value, there will be a gain of at least 700 percent for silver. Silver is in demand in the industrial sector despite being in short supply. Unlike gold, there is no silver Exchange Traded Fund yet. To launch an ETF, a bank or financial institution actually has to buy enough of the underlying asset (in this case, silver bullion) to back every dollar invested in the fund. Barclays Bank is expected to launch a silver ETF soon, at which point silver will explode.

Forex Super King offers subscribers a plan of trading by which they can control up to 0,000 worth of silver for ,000. Since silver’s potential has yet to be reached, it is easily exchanged into other currencies and is ripe for trade.

Claude Grespinet is president and head of trading at Forex Super King.

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What Is Forex Trading – An Introduction To Foreign Exchange Currency Trading

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The Gold & Silver Club | Gold, Silver, Trading | 005 – Interview with Jim Keevil

www.thegoldandsilverclub.com – The Gold & Silver Club Student Case Study. We speak to Jim Keevil about his experience of The Gold & Silver Clubs Trader Coaching Program. *** READ MORE BELOW *** The Gold & Silver Club is a proprietary trading firm that offers financial education, training and investment services to private clients across the world. The company was founded by two professional traders – Nik Kalsi and Phil Carr. For full details of The Gold & Silver Club trader coaching program or to attend a free workshop, please contact us on t: +44 (0) 207 193 0403 e: office@thegoldandsilverclub.com w: www.thegoldandsilverclub.com The No.1 Gold & Silver Trading and Investment Coaching Company.

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Weekly Gold and Silver Report for Aug 17, 2012; What If Bond Prices Collapse!

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Don’t let the sea monkeys talk you out of your gold and silver

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Silver Bullion: Economic Collapse. Will you get Gold and Silver as change due from your purchase?

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Gold Technical Analysis Video

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The Vulcan Report (191) – Silver Futures and Silver Spot along with AGQ.mp4

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High Frequency Stock & Options Market Maker Trading Platform

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Forex Strategies

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